The Ilongot

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Catch the opening of exhibit on June 30, 2006 at the Museo de Baler on the celebration of 4th Phil-Spanish Friendship Day and 107th Anniversary of the Siege of Baler.

The Ilongot
Local but not Homegrown: Plants from Spain
Lines Across Time: The 19th Century Fil-Hispanic Architecture

The Ilongots are a tribe who inhabit the southern Sierra Madre and Caraballo Mountains, on the east side of Luzon Island in the Philippines. Presently, there are about 2500 Ilongots. The Ilongots tend to inhabit areas close to rivers, as they provide a foodsource and a means for transportation.
In Michelle Rosaldo’s study in 1980 of the Ilongots , she described “gender differences related to the positive cultural value placed on adventure, travel, and knowledge of the external world.” Ilognot men, more often than women, visited distant places. They acquired knowledge of the outside world, amassed experiences there, and returned in order to share their knowledge, adventures, and feelings in a public oratory to pass on their knowledge to others. The Ilognot men received acclaim as a result of their experiences. Because they lacked external experience on which to base knowledge and expression, Ilognot women had inferior prestige.
On the basis of Michelle Rosaldo’s study and findings of other stateless societies, anthropologists must distinguish between prestige systems and actual power within a society. Just because a male has a high level of prestige, he may not own much economic or political power compared to others that are less prestigious within the society.


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Not a floating restaurant, nor a festival float but a payao or modern fish cage. A part of Mariculture project of PGA that was recently inaugurated in Baler Fishport and Casiguran port.

“Payao” is a fish aggregating device consisting of a floating raft anchored by weighted line with suspended materials such as palm fronds to attract pelagic and schooling species common in deep waters. These are installed along the path of migratory high value species such as tuna and tuna-like fishes. Local fishermen associations guard these units and when there is already enough fish population converging in the area, catch them either with hook and line or nets, hence contributes to coastal resource conservation.

Photo courtesy of Ferdie Delos Reyes

Relatively active fault

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excerpt from philippine star news

Seismically active areas

Based on the distribution of earthquake epicenters, the most seismically active part of the Philippines is eastern Mindanao, Samar and Leyte, with at least 16 perceptible earthquakes per year caused by the subduction of the Philippine Trench.

Active Fault

The other “relatively active” areas of the country are those near Dingalan Bay, Casiguran, Lubang Island and Mindoro, according to Phivolcs.

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Note: Not to cause panic but a reminder for everybody to prepare

Dingalan execs scolded over illegal logging

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excerpt from Philippine Star 6/21/06 by Manny Galvez

DINGALAN, Aurora — Gov. Bellaflor Angara-Castillo has scolded local officials over their supposed failure to stop illegal logging amid reports that certain officials have been conniving with some businessmen to transport forest products out of this calamity-ravaged town.
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Check this out!!! new place for kids to enjoy and relax.Can be found at Quezon park, Baler Aurora.

Mangrove planting

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A mangrove seedling was planted by Gov. Bellaflor J. Angara-Castillo as part of Mangrove Rehabilitation and Enhancement Planting of the Provincial Government of Aurora. National and Provincial offices has joined and more than a thousand mangrove seedlings was planted.

An ENRO employee pin a tag to a young pawikan for documentation and was released to the ocean afterward. Looking on were Gov. Bella Angara-Castillo, CENRO Casala and Mr. Victoriano San Pedro.

Finally, at home again!!!

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RH Advocacy goes local

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"We are not giving up the battle. We are just changing our strategy by tapping the local government in raising awareness of the people on what this reproductive health is all about." said Aurora Province Governor Bellaflor Angara-Castillo.

(excerpt from PIA homepage)

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stonehenge in dikaloyungan

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Dikaloyungan river: a perfect place for picnic among locals and tourist as well.

Independence Day Celebration in Aurora

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Government Officials and Veterans posed for a snapshots. (Photo by Renz Lagto)

Only 10 veterans attended the event.

The Parade

PNP, what a synchronized movement!!(Photo by Renz Lagto)

Students from Aurora Natl. Science High School.

Provincial Government employee's.

LGU employee's of Baler.

Provincial and Municipal Officials.

The Ceremony

Flag raising ceremony.

Ferdinand G. Bautista Jr, the champion of Tuklas Talino 2006, led the singing of the Philippine National Anthem. (Photo by Renz Lagto)

Gov. Bellaflor J. Angara-Castillo was represented by the Provincial Administrator, Mr. Alex N. Ocampo. Oppss! its not an optical illusion...he is "Mr. PA" of PGA and not MLQ nor Former Senator Heherson Alvarez.
The Honorable Governor attended the same equally important occasion in Casiguran, Aurora.

Araw ng Kalayaan 2006

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The Provincial Government of Aurora and Municipal Government of Baler celebrate the 108th Independence Day. The Philippine flag soar high after the flag raising and brief ceremony at the Capitol Compound.

Local newspaper

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Two local newspaper in Central Aurora, so far. The WEEKLY TIME RECORD AURORA and NEWSBREAK AURORA.

Pahabol na piktyur!!!

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The celebrities together with the upcoming stars.(Photo courtesy of Carrie Emmanuel)

Time out, Mr. Referee !!!

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Presenting, the Basketball Association of the Phils. - Baler, Aurora Chapter. Headed by Mr. Rene Paulo(2nd standing from right), under the guidance of Mr. Joseph Kuizon. This 2 months-old group composed of referee, timer, scorer, and statistician. They are professionals in their own field but come out in similar interest in sports. They value sportsmanship, dedication and professionalism.

web watch

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Baler Institute

Baler Institute was founded in the year 1939 by the late Mr. Paulino G. Espinosa, Sr., CPA. It was the first secondary school ever built in the province of Aurora. The school officially received its Government Recognition Permit in the year 1955 numbered 554.

June is Philippine environment month

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With almost 70% forest reserve of aurora, so far. Let us continue to protect and conserve our forest and environment as well...