AURORANS won by 2 points against Celebrities

Posted by cybermagic | 5/28/2006 03:56:00 PM

2-point margin that Aurora got from Celebrity players:

1st point... Persons with disabilities, indigenous people, youth, and women from Aurora now have funds for their training, support, and development. Also, initial funds for the establishment of Peoples Empowerment Center of Aurora were given.

2nd point...The people of Aurora were entertained by top male celebrities from Manila as they held a friendship game against selected players from our province headed by top scorer Cong. Sonny Angara.

Through the initiative of Gov. Bellaflor J. Angara-Castillo and the cooperation of different agencies, the Basketball: Aurorans & Celebrities event was generally successful and peaceful. With over 1,500 in attendance, the Dr. Juan C. Angara Sports complex rumbled as the celebrity players appeared in red uniform. They were Christopher De Leon, Tirso Cruz III, Bembol Roco, Rez Cortez, Nino Muhlach, Onyok Velasco, Carlos Morales, Dino Guevarra, Felix Roco and Anton Dela Paz.

Here are some snapshots of the event:

Most popular among the celebrities in Baler, no other than the Drama king himself Christopher De leon.

Nino Muhlach proved to be a true comedian when he delighted the crowd with lots of fun and comic antics.
I don't think Tirso Cruz III was trying to shake the complex but he definitely needed to stress out from long hours of travel just to make our kababayans happy.

Those who could not afford to buy tickets had a chance to meet the stars right by the windows. This photo shows Bembol Roco. He was with his son Felix Roco, an upcoming matinee idol.

Among the audience were Gov. Bellaflor J. Angara-Castillo, Vice Governor Annabelle C. Tangson, UA&P Vice President Bernardo M. Villegas, and foreign visitors.

End of the game with the final score 81-79 in favor of Aurorans.

Note: Republish with correction.

  1. Anonymous 5/29/2006 02:28:00 PM  

    Thanks for the pictures and updates. Your effort is much appreciated. However, it would help if you ask some folks to help edit your captions for you -- for grammar, spelling, and clarity. You would not want all these sentence construction mistakes. It's a very noble undertaking and you're doing a heck of a job! Congratulations.

  2. Anonymous 5/29/2006 03:52:00 PM  

    tama ang naunang comment. kung hirap ka mag-ingles, kahit tagalog na. mas tama, mas maganda.

    however, if it can't be helped, considering the global scope of the web, have someone check your grammar. please?

    and we hope that this will not be a propaganda machinery for BAC and family, inc.

    way to go!

  3. Anonymous 5/29/2006 03:53:00 PM  

    tama kayu! baka isipin ng mga taong makakabasa nito, ganito mag-Ingles ang mga tiga-aurora. akaw! makahiya naman...

    kaya ayusin mo po itung blog mo lalo na ang grammers and ishpelling. do we clear? are you agree? :)

  4. Anonymous 5/29/2006 03:55:00 PM  

    akala ko naman matatalo pa ng mga laos na mga lolo ang aurora players. well, at least, may naliligaw na artista.

    pansin ko lang, kamukha pala ni MAHAL si BAC.

  5. Anonymous 5/29/2006 03:55:00 PM  

    akala ko naman matatalo pa ng mga laos na mga lolo ang aurora players. well, at least, may naliligaw na artista.

    pansin ko lang, kamukha pala ni MAHAL si BAC.

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    Wag kang mag-alala, concerned lang lahat iyan sila kaya ganyan.

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    ganyan lang talaga sa una, lilibakin ka muna bago ka purihin. kumbaga sa pelikula aapihin muna ang bida. hehehe.

  8. Anonymous 5/30/2006 09:09:00 AM  

    wala ka bang picture ng aurorans players? di kc ako nanood kaya di ko alam kung sinusino sila.

  9. cyberbluemagic 5/30/2006 10:38:00 AM  

    Thanks for comments and suggestion. Dapat ko sigurong balikan yung guro ko sa ingles na si Ma'm Mila Espinosa.

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    grbe naman kayo manlait kay governor,,bakit?ano ba nagawa nyo kumbaga naman sa aurora?magsabi ka nga?kung sino kaman na nagsabi na kamukha ni governor si mahal?ubod kana ba ng ganda?bad yon ha?sige ka pupunta ka sa hell!!!lagot ka!!!at saka yung nagsasabi na mali mali ang ingles ng gumawa hnito e di sana kung magaling ka magpresenta ka nalang na tumulong sa site nato,,,masyado kayo mapamintas jan,,e mas magaling pa sya mag english kesa sa mga foreigner eh,,,ikaw nalang kaya maggawa no!!!!hmp!!kayo tlga para kayo di kababyan jan!!!

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    Official website b ito ng aurora? e dapat nga mag spell check muna bago ipublish mga entry. kung personal lang mnan, para maentertain tayo, kahit wag na. sa blog ko rin wala akong paki basta ma express ko ang mga thoughts ko. Ay lalo n when i speak my mind, bara bara n rin ang english ko...

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    Datay tinama na.! ayuz!

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    galing nyo tlaga, lalo na si Raymond Amat.

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    Kund hindi maganda ang sasabihin mo, silent ka na lang.

  17. Anonymous 5/31/2006 11:37:00 AM  

    Kund hindi maganda ang sasabihin mo, silent ka na lang.

  18. talagalangha 5/31/2006 03:28:00 PM  

    hi, i am a regular viewer of this site and am really thankful that i can still get some news from my beloved hometown now that im miles away though the web and i would just like to appreciate the people behind this disappointed that some of the viewers have the guts to comment on the grammar and spelling which i think is kind of a silly and nasty comment..i think they're just pretty simple errors, why not give constructive comments rather that destructive ones anyway...regards to all kababayans

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    ok naman po!website nya ah!! mabuti nga at nagagawa pa nya tayu ma_update, kahit siguro medyo busy sya..thanks

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    May email address naman po ang webmaster, dun na lang nating i-send mga personal comments at suggestions para ayus.

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    hindi siguro talagang bloggers 'yung maraming kwe-kwe. marami sa popular na blogs de na pinapansin ang mga typo,basta nagkakaintidihan at masaya ang usapan ayus laang. ngayon kung formal ang gusto mo, adi gumawa ka ng OFFICIAL WEBSITE ng aurora