Tsunami Drill Exercise

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At exactly 3:00 am on July 22, 2005 people of Sitio Castillo, Brgy. Sabang and Sitio Munting Gasang, Ermita Hill, Cemento, Ilaya, Fishport and Diguisit Brgy. Zabali Baler, Aurora participated actively on the Tsunami Drill exercise held in Baler by the National Disaster Coordinating Council and the Regional disaster Coordinating Council down to the Provincial Disaster Coordinating Council, Municipal coordinating council and the barangay disaster Coordinating council. The mobilization of the people in those areas was spearheaded by Municipal and Barangay officials. This drill was conceptualized by the Regional Disaster Coordinating Council 3 and was supported by Governor Bellaflor J. Angara-Castillo, Chairwoman of the Provl. Disaster Coordinating Council.

An estimated 1,500 residents from Brgy. Sabang and Brgy. Zabali Baler, Aurora participated in the Tsunami Drill Exercise. Photo shows the people walking to the top of Ermita Hill going to higher ground as a standard operation procedure during Tsunami.

Mass Casualty Handling demonstrated by Philippine National Red Cross personnel led by volunteers Lauro Bihasa and Rading Gonzales in Aurora province.

PDCC Chairwoman Hon. Bellaflor J. Angara-Castillo speaking to the crowd on the high level of awareness of the people of Baler on Disaster Preparedness.Thus, making them Tsunami ready.

::photo and text courtesy of Provl. Disaster Coordinating Council

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  1. Anonymous 8/01/2006 12:27:00 PM  

    How far are these barangays from Ermita? The tsunami signal was heard at 3:00AM, how come the pictures of people evacuating to the hilltop of Ermita seems to be at around noon ( noon time if we look at the shadow of the building where Gov. Castillo was speaking to the evacuees). It took them nine hours to go there? Then, if this is the right timeline...marami ang malulunod.